Please Share Your Thoughts for our New Service Development!

October 18, 2023
Share Your Thoughts for our New Service Development!

We are finding a person like...

Passionate food and cooking enthusiast

This individual is a passionate food enthusiast and home cook with a strong desire to elevate their culinary skills to a professional level. The kind of person who, when going to a fine restaurant, is concerned about the difference in taste, texture, and aroma.The kind of person who, when going to a fine restaurant, is concerned about the difference in taste, texture, and aroma.

High motivation to learn

They enjoy experimenting with cooking and seek to understand the fundamental principles of food preparation rather than relying on magic solutions or trends. They have a solid educational background and a deep interest in learning, whether it's related to academics or cooking. They prefer to read thick books on principles, etc.

Financial flexibility

Financially, they have flexibility and are willing to invest in quality items or experiences.
i.g. A person who, if he/she likes the features and quality of a £100 and £200 bag, even if only slightly, and would not hesitate to buy the £200 one even if there is not a 2-fold difference in value.

Conscious of time efficiency

Someone who is usually busy, regardless of cooking, and willing to work, read, and be productive during travel time. They are conscious of their time and value efficiency in their pursuit of becoming a skilled chef. They prefer time flexibility in learning and productivity and dislike unproductive small talk.

In summary, this person is a motivated, intellectually curious, and financially comfortable individual who is dedicated to mastering the art of cooking and is seeking an efficient and tailored learning experience to achieve their culinary goals.


Hello, I'm Kota, the UK Country Manager for MOMENT.

MOMENT is a personalised cooking coaching service led by top chefs.
We offer a remarkable transformation in your cooking skills, by receiving coaching from top chefs. It's like bringing restaurant-level expertise to your kitchen and your home-cook meal will be entirely different from what you've experienced before. 

In Japan, many customers have seen remarkable improvements in their cooking skills, making their home cooking experience more enjoyable and boosting their confidence.

In the UK, we've collaborated with Michelin-star chefs to develop the service.
Currently, it's available on a limited basis for £180 per month.
We believe this innovative service has great potential, we hope we can bring this amazing new product to people in the UK.

So if you're even slightly interested in improving your cooking, we'd appreciate it if you could get in touch and we'd love to hear your thoughts.
Also, if you come up with anyone in your circle who might be interested, sharing this post or spreading the word would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your support.

Lisa Gun Cuninghame